June 3, 2019

Atlantic Crossing

Please excuse the long absence from writing this blog.  The crossing knocked the stuffing out of me and shook my confidence in my plan to continue sailing.  This mindset along with warm temperatures and easy Caribbean living ultimately  kept me from writing updates.  Once I was up to the task of catching up, my computer went down and it has been a minor nightmare getting it all back up and running....

December 23, 2018


If you have not been to Morocco it is due time that you had.  Sooo, put down the blog and book your tickets….

We pulled into Rabat mid day with a flat sea after a 30 some hour sail from the Guadiana.   Apparently if there is any kind of swell running they close the port which was the case for nine days when we were ready for departure.  Rabat is the capital of Morocco and by all standards the most modern city.  Th...

November 18, 2018

While Jessica returned to the US to get some further testing on her Lymes disease and also see an orthopedic doctor about her knee, I was tasked with getting Cadence further south.  Initially I thought I would do the passage solo.  I have had a few overnight solo passages so far, and many long day hops solo, but not several days in a row.  I want the challenge of doing a passage solo, as well as the time to be “out there” and...

November 10, 2018

Instead of my traditional where are we now and what are we doing blog, I thought I would write something about what it’s like living in a floating moving home. Perhaps this will be of some interest to those thinking about living and traveling aboard their sailboat. I think these feelings are mostly related to life on a sailboat, not life in a camper van or for someone traveling but living shoreside. I say this because of the u...

September 27, 2018

Allot of ground has been covered since I last updated this blog.  As the end of the season for Scotland was approaching, (which IMHO ends in the beginning of July) we needed to get to dryer and warmer climates.  We had experienced the best weather Scotland has seen in 40 years and the streak of dry warm days had firmly come to an end.  We were constantly in foul weather gear over several layers to stay warm and dry.  Gunk holi...

July 20, 2018

We promised ourselves we would completely slow down once we were back to just the two of us.  Well, I can say that as I write this, some three weeks have passed, and we have slowed down, but only a very little.  We have changed anchorages almost daily but the distance to the next spot has drastically been reduced, 20 mile days are the outlier and we are more prone to sail 6 to 10.  The weather has been fantastic, for Scotland...

June 28, 2018

Oban is the biggest town we have been in since arriving here.  Really not much to report on about it.  It seemed kind of drab without much personality.  It was however the perfect place to exchange crew.  There are rail and bus links to Glasgow which takes you to the rest of the free world.  We were expecting young David Tobin to arrive the same day Joan and Kirk left however this was not to be.  Although his 3:30 am from from...

June 21, 2018

When Joan and Kirk arrived in Port Ellen, Islay we had already experienced 3 blissful weather weeks in Scotland.  The land of 4 seasons in a day and the ever present skin eating brain torturing midge has so far been thankfully a great disappointment.  The locals here say its a “once in a decade” weather phenomenon where a high pressure system sits over the northern United Kingdom and while England and N. Europe sits in a low....

May 31, 2018

Starting the sailing season in Scotland

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