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About Bill

I grew up an Army brat and had the wonderful opportunity to bounce around every 3 years from Taiwan to West Point, New York, wherever my mom
and dad were stationed.  This quickly taught me adaptability.  Growing up on military bases my parents always provided me with a great deal of freedom that
led to a great appetite for adventure.   My favorite book as a boy was Huck Finn by Mark Twain.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you force your child to read it, my father did to me, and unbeknownst to him it has
been a significant contributor to my wanderlust.  

In my youth I was inundated with family boating, fishing, and the sea.  From crabbing in a small rowboat in Long Beach Island and fishing in my granddads Mako, to being the first mate on a blue fin tuna sport boat out of Chatham Cape Cod for my summers.   I couldn’t get enough of being on the water and became an avid fisherman.  

At some point in my life I got ambitious, I am not sure where this came from but perhaps it was from the end of my elementary years living on a military base to moving to Fairfield County Connecticut.  Regardless I loved to work and was always devising ways to make more money.  My quick resume went from cutting lawns to delivering newspapers to first mate (or general slave) to washing dishes in a restaurant to clearing tables to waiting tables to parking cars (my favorite job) to medical device salesman to medical device distributor(O.R. Specialties) with 30 employees.  And it feels like it went that fast.  

After college I was on a mission to get underway with adult life. I married young, well what seems young compared to the current generation.  My honeymoon was my first taste of sailing where we chartered a boat and sailed the West Indies for a week.  This trip planted a deep seed in me and I whole heartedly fell in love with sailing.  

Not long after, Darci and I had Irish twins, Grace and David respectfully, and raised our kids in Westchester New York.  I started my medical device business and lifetook on a feverish pace.  While my kids were growing up I became an avid arm chair sailor.  I read copious amounts of sailing books, magazines, blogs, whatever I could get my hands on.  I decided then at some point in my life I would return to my love of the sea and adventure.  So I started by taking ASA courses to be able to bareboat charter sailboats.  Then I became part of communal owned sailboat and sailing Long Island Sound.  I took all sorts of courses from getting my 6 pack coast guard license to navigation courses to cruising seminars.  

As my lifes focus, besides running my business and raisingkids, was sailing and someday joining the cruising community, Darci and I parted ways as life brought on different ambitions and direction for each of us.  It wasn’t long before I met another like minded adventurer with a great deal of wanderlust and crazy enough toconsider life on a boat.  Jessica and I quickly fell in love.  We started shopping for the boat that would safely carry us around the world on a great adventure.  We wanted to have a couple of years learning the boat and getting her in shape for living aboard and offshore sailing.  We bought our Hallberg in Annapolis and started getting ready for the adventure that will be chronicled in this web site.  The seed that was planted in 1993 took 20 years to grow but finally I am getting ready to put my dreams into reality.

About Jessica

I grew up in the small town of Bolton Landing, NY, nestled in the  Adirondack Park, the largest park in the contiguous United States. Covering 6.1 million acres, the Adirondack Park is nothing but breathtaking and inspiring.


As a family we grew huge vegetable gardens and were avid hikers and campers in the Adirondack high peaks and on Lake George. These early years implanted in me a desire to explore, live simply and a love of the natural world.

After high school I studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics in college and graduate school. I graduated with a Master's in Science from Yale university and moved with my husband, a member of the United States Coast Guard, to Florida. In Florida I started my career in the medical device business working in marketing for a midsize publically traded company. 


Since meeting, Bill and I have sailed together and have been working towards the shared goal of moving aboard Cadence. I returned to school and completed a B.A. in studio art at Hunter College as my dream and passion is to capture our experiences aboard Cadence in a visual arts form. I have also learned how to sail completing a number of courses including the 2014 leg 1 expedition aboard Mahina Tiarre III with John and Amanda Neil. 

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