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The art of simplicity

Sometimes Less is More...........Difficult

Its finally here. After counting the days for the past two and a half years since we set our move aboard date we are now on the cusp of realizing this dream. How did it get here so slowly but yet so quickly?!

I anticipate that you gain a lot when moving aboard but right now it seems like most of what we are doing is giving things up. Things that are hard to give up and others that are easily disgarded. Although I have been looking forward to a simplified life I am finding that holding back, simplifying life and letting things go can take more restraint and patience then gathering them. Through this I have been working on a painting that resonates with this experience..

I have come to accept that I will not be able to use oil paints aboard Cadence due to drying times. So this is the first painting that I am attempting using acrylic paints which have substantial differences in technique.

I used linen primed with a clear gesso as my ground and a simplified drawing of Lake George as my subject matter

​The hardest things to let go of are those that you love. Over the past two months we have found new homes for two cats, Hurley and Mia, and two dogs, Ginger and Biscuit. We know they are in good homes but miss them and feel guilt for uprooting their lives.

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