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April, Rome and Cagliari, Italy

On our way back to Cagliari from Tunis, we stopped in Rome for 5 days where we met up with our good friend Camille and her adorable two year old son Logan. We had another Air BnB apartment in Travestere Rome and spent 5 days touring the city. We went to Easter Mass in Rome’s oldest Church, the Basilica of Santa Maria. Camille and Logan returned to Cagliari for a few days with us and then back to New York. I went back into high gear finishing projects and Jess finished her art projects and we were both ready to go on our date, April 15 to start the sailing season again.

One quick last Sardinia adventure before leaving took Jess and I camping in one of Sardinia’s national parks. Marco Nazional del Golfo d Orosei e del Gennargentu. We hiked in and set up camp for a night right on the water. The next day we failed a summit attempt yet had a strenuous hike up with wonderful views of the med, looking east toward our future destinations.

The weather gave us a small opening to leave for Sicily with some NE winds. We left Cagliari and made a quick 20 mile trip to Villasimius where we sat at anchor for a day and half and then set off on our short 150 nm hop across the Tyrannean sea to Sicily. We had light winds for the first five or six hours and then, voila, like the gribs said, we had a beam reach and 15-20 knots. With our new sails we made fast tracks averaging 8 knots. What a difference a new set of sails makes, kind of like putting new tires on your car. Just all around a better ride. We stopped just a few miles offshore of Trapani in the Egadi islands where we are, as I write this, currently anchored in a small protected Cala. Lovely, just us.

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