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Back in the USA

Our time in the US was fantastic. We arrived and stayed in the city for one night as we had appointments at Tribeca Medspa for some pampering and much needed skin care. We left the city and went straight up to Newport RI for the folk fest where we met with my sister Joan, b in law Kirk, and their friends Bill and Denise. Great 2 days of awesome music and then we left for Truro Cape Cod for a week. Beach vacation, am I crazy, well if you know the outer cape and the beaches you would understand. We stayed at the beach cottage for a week then Jess went up to Glens Falls to visit her dad while I stayed behind, visited my dad and then went back to Cape Cod to visit friends. Jess and I met back up in CT at our friend Rich's 50th birthday party, followed by a few days at my moms lake house. Then back to my dads house, aka the country club, for some golf and a family reunion. Then off to Lake George where Jess and went camping for a few days on Fork Island and then visited with her mom on Trout lake. Then back to my moms for her party, as well as my sisters party for her son Justin. Holy Cow, we did a lot and it went really fast. Oh, we also took long showers without thinking about the water, never once considered if we were dragging anchor, never checked the weather once, and watched a lot of crappy american news on tv. Perfect return home trip.

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