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Winter in Barcelona

We have decided to stay in Club Reial Club Maritimo de Barcelona. The marina couldn’t be more downtown, has a wonderful club house, great gym, and super nice people running the place. The downside is cost. For our 13.5 meters we are paying just over 5000 euros to be here. Most cruisers don’t stay in places this expensive but we decided we wanted to be right in town and it was cheaper than getting a flat and putting the boat on the hard. So our neighbors are mostly local folks belonging to the club and sailing on weekends, mixed with a few liveaboards. Nonetheless, we are excited to be here and have quickly assimilated to fast city life and living aboard in the city.

Life in Barca so far has been great. We have now been here about a month and I have completed 2 weeks of Spanish lessons with little to no improvement. I have however been keeping up on my sewing and what I learned from Krina Hesse in Crete. I finished a winter dinghy cover and have also made new curtains for the aft cabin. Multiple other boat projects of course and many more to go. My plan is to have Cadence tip top for spring so we are set to go, with hopefully little failure along the way for our next sailing season. Jess is full speed ahead at Metafora and finishing her portfolio to be able to apply to art school somewhere (hopefully Glasgow) for next winter. We are not 100% certain of next years plans, starting in early April, but we expect to be sailing out of the Med and headed for the UK.

We are returning home to the States for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and to finally tie the knot and get married with both of our families there to help celebrate. More blog to come in early spring.

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