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We have now been here in Cagliari for two months at Marina Del Sole. We could not have picked a better place to winter over, the marina has a real charm and city has something going on every day. There are only a few live aboard folks here, this year there are only 7 boats, but I understand that most years there are many more. We have made good friends with a few of the folks and spend many evenings out on the town or on their or our boat having a great time.

There are fantastic farmers markets, one in front of our marina every Thursday. A superb indoor market, San Benedetto, a 15 minute bike ride, which is the largest indoor food market in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. This market is packed everyday and has two floors, one filled with vegetables fruit meat breads and more and the bottom floor is all seafood. The vendors are all eager to get your business and offer tastes of their food and all are very friendly. There are plenty of free concerts from the local Cagliari philharmonic to opera singers on balcony, “called balcony concerts” to classical music played in lovely old churches. There is no shortage of great events to attend.

The old city, where we spend most of our time, is a maze of old small windy streets with great little cafes and food shops all over. If you are a cruiser and looking for a great winter destination, Cagliari has it all. Watch the video on the marina and city that will post this spring before we leave for Sicily. Now we are preparing for a land journey that will start in Istanbul, go to Vienna and Prague where the kids will join, then Berlin, then Barcelona for 5 weeks for Jess’s art program. We will report back later in the spring.

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