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Moving Out and Aboard

July and August were extremely busy. So much so that I don’t remember summer even being a consideration as it always has every year of my life. In a nutshell, 61 Woodlands sold July 24 so it was high gear for the entire month of July moving everything out, sellingitems on ebay, packing keepsakes and opening up a storage unit.

Our rental home in Scarsdale ended July 31st as well. We have become ebay masters, well acquainted with the volunteers at Good Will, quick decision makers on what to keep and throw out/donate/sell/store/pack for the new home of just a couple hundred square feet. Both Grace and David were living with us for the month in Scarsdale so they needed to be packed for college and all their stuff staged and ready for delivery to either Boulder or Potsdam. Oh, the animals, Biscuit moved to her new home at the Heralds in Boston, Ginger went to Long Island to live with Darci, the cats Black and Grey moved to Massachusetts to live with my niece Marilyn.

I drove with Grace to Boulder, what a great road trip we had, or I had anyway, its not often you get 5 days of 24 hour interaction with your 19 year old. We arrived early August and then I flew back to NY and immediately drove up to Rhode Island to join Jess on the boat

We didn’t splash Cadence until the first of August as she had much work done at Brewers Wickford Cove Marina. When I arrived Jessica was in a complete state of shock. Cadence was in tatters, all floor boards up, engine doors off, wires everywhere, workers tools all over the boat. There was a very long list of undone jobs by the yard. This is a whole other story that we may or may not wish to recount here on the Cadence Sails site, right now its in my rear view mirror so I don’t want to bring it up here while I try to quickly update our site.

I will update at some point the list of upgrades/repairs/additions but for now, I am just wanting to put some thoughts down for my 2 readers, Joan and Mom. Any others out there? Let me just say that both Jess and I have become very flexible. We are able to squeeze our bodies in contorted positions in very small spaces for decent periods of time while we work on one thing or another. After an agonizing 5 weeks at the dock both doing work ourselves and making room for Jeff from Jamestown Electronics and Brewers folks, New England Yacht Rigging, Firex, etc etc we are off on the beginning of our trip.

Three weeks in the Vinyard

We sailed down the West Passage past the Beavertail and turned north east towards Quicks Hole, our first off the dock destination. We arrived just in time to receive a gift of the most incredible sunset I have seen for some time. We ate a magnificent dinner and enjoyed the solitude of Quicks, and as always were the only boat there. At sunrise I went out with the fly rod to try and land some fresh bass or bonito but had no luck. We had a wind shift early in the morning and the 20 knot east wind made the anchorage a bit bouncy and we were on a lee shore, so after a quick breakfast decided to depart. After looking at our options we chose to cross Vineyard Sound to Menemsha on Marthas Vineyard. We had a quick sail as it was blowing a steady 20 and arrived in about an hour. We have decided to stay here for a while and chill out. This is a great little working fishing harbor with only room for two moorings and they allow 3 sailboats per mooring. So only 6 sailboats and the rest are primarily commercial fisherman. Menemsha is a great unspoiled spot that beckons of old times. We were treated with another award winning sunset the first night. We plan to do some fishing, relaxing, art work, and basically poke around here for a few days until the mood moves us and we head off. More soon.

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